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SAEF Educator Mini-Grants Program

Grant Applications will be evaluated and based on the following criteria:

Project Excellence – Creativity, innovation of the SSD educational experience

Project Impact – Impact on students/number of students, scope of dollars spent vs. intensity of impact, involvement of school committee or community

Sustainability/or Replicability of Project – Potential for the project to be ongoing or to expand to the other areas of the school district

Appropriateness of Budget Costs – Costs are commensurate with potential for excellence and impact

Please Complete A Brief Summary of Your Project Utilizing the Following Points Below:
Project Budget:
If you need additional information, please contact Stan Johnson.

Reporting & Policy/Publicity Compliance:

By clicking "Submit" below, I understand that the number of grants awarded and the amount of each grant and term length is at the sole discretion of the SAEF Board of Directors and Grants Committee.  If awarded, I agree to acknowledge and associate SAEF’s support in all polity efforts.