Athletic HOF Inductees 1998

BOB DUNCAN - CLass of 1958

Football. Wrestling. Baseball- District 1 Wrestling Champion; 1st runner-up in Pennsylvania State Wrestling Regionals; Co-captain football and baseball; Outstanding Male Athlete. Gettysburg College football, wrestling, lacrosse.

BOB FLOHR - CLass of 1965

Football. Basketball. Baseball - Baseball All-Delco; played end in football; played guard on highly successful basketball team. Princeton University basketball and baseball.

MARTHA SMITH - Class of 1961

Field Hockey. Basketball. Lacrosse - Basketball captain and high scorer 2 years; Field hockey and lacrosse starter for 3 years. West Chester University field hockey and lacrosse; AII-College field hockey; coached volleyball, basketball, softball and track.

JERRY HOOD - Class of 1982

Soccer. Lacrosse - Outstanding Male Athlete, Soccer captain, All-Central, Delco, All- State, District Champions, MVP; Lacrosse captain, All-Central, Delco, State, All American, State Champions, MVP; Swarthmore College soccer and lacrosse.

DAVE WOODRUFF - Class of 1954

Football. Basketball. Baseball- .Outstanding Male Athlete;. Captain of football, basketball. baseball; All-Delco in all sports. Dickinson College football and baseball; All-State in football.

SALLY ANDERSON - Class of 1970

Field Hockey. Basketball. lacrosse - Outstanding Female Athlete; Field hockey co-captain. Ursinus College field hockey, basketball, lacrosse; United States Women's Field Hockey Squad; All College Hockey and Lacrosse.