Tribute to a Legend - Mr. George Trout
Tribute to a Legend - Mr. George Trout

How do you replace a legend? This question has been asked on many occasions throughout time. In this case, SSD is in the unenviable position to have to answer this question for a living legend, Mr. George Trout, as he is set to retire this June.

If you know SSD, you know Mr. Trout. He has been teaching Industrial Arts at SHS for over 30 years. However, to students, Mr. Trout’s class was so much more than a subject to be studied; it was an experience in developing one’s character and aptitude to succeed. Literally, hundreds of students made incredible pieces of furniture that captured their ingenuity and imagination, truly inspired by Mr. Trout’s tutelage and drive for each student to reach their full potential. The culmination of his students’ creativity has been on full display for decades in Springfield High School’s Celebration of the Arts.

SSD realizes that this special night will not be the same without Mr. Trout’s influence. Rest assured, SSD is committed to ensuring a safe continuation of the Industrial Arts program. Change, even if brought on by retirement, is inevitable. And, in realizing that we could never replicate Mr. Trout’s dedication or work ethic, we will be evaluating this first year’s progress to discover how we can continue to offer a positive, creative experience for our students and build upon the program’s foundation of excellence and employability skills.

How do you replace a legend? You don’t.

And our hope is that we can strive to build a tremendous class for our students, so that, their legacies shine as brightly as Mr. Trout’s for many years…and beyond…




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