Important Program Launch

Springfield Area Educational Foundation (SAEF) & Springfield School District Announce Projects to Be Funded through New Teacher Mini Grants Program

Springfield, PA – June 11, 2019 -- The Springfield Area Educational Foundation ( and Springfield School District (SSD) have announced 8 projects selected for the new online SAEF Teacher Grants program.  This annual online program for all Springfield schools, helps transform teacher ideas into tangible initiatives that will improve both student and teacher educational opportunities in Springfield.

The recipients were selected from those who applied for funding through the new SAEF online Teacher Grants Program instituted this school year. 

“The projects selected through the grant application will not only spark positive change, but will   provide a broad network of student learning connections and engagement that will be launched through our funding,” said Stephen Todaro (SHS ’78,) President of SAEF.

This year, SAEF has partnered with the Springfield School District to oversee the grant application and award process.  The applications were awarded based on input from a panel of teachers and SAEF board members who considered whether the ideas were relevant, innovative, actionable and specific.

SAEF wishes to acknowledge the donations of the following organizations for their 2019 teacher grant   contributions this year:  The Springfield Educational Association (SEA); The Community’s Foundation (TCF) and The Wawa Foundation.

New guidelines for submission will be announced on next fall for the 2020-2021 Springfield School District year.

Projects that were selected for 2019-2020 are:

Multi-Sensory Learning Curriculum – Project addresses diverse learning styles of students by providing multiple tools in which to better support differentiated instruction at the ETR Middle School.

Mindfulness & Yoga Club – Purpose of this project is to create an after school yoga club for high school students to teach techniques/coping skills to deal with student stress.            

Active/Flexible Seating in Middle School Classroom – Purpose of project is to encourage student activity and discourage sedentary behavior and enhance student ability to engage/focus on learning.

Industrial Materials Assistance - Aim of project is to identify student need and assistance for those who refrain from enrolling in course or express distress for material supplies due to significant financial burden to the family.

Adult Orchestra Players ‘Into The Woods’ - Provides supplement funding of 4-5 adult professional musicians for Springfield’s productions of Broadway musicals and live orchestra.

App Development for All – Project’s aim is to broaden the student audience for computer science offerings by demonstrating the possibilities of programming with the purchase of Android tablets to create Apps in programming.

Heart Challenge – Project’s goal is the very important exploration of students’ heart rates in relation to various levels of physical activity for student learning and studies


About the Foundation

The Springfield Area Educational Foundation (SAEF) is committed to meeting the educational needs and success of every student.  The Foundation’s goal is to help provide every student with rigorous, enriching educational opportunities from kindergarten through high school.

In partnership with the Springfield School District, the Foundation raises and manages donor funds that provide the school district with the energy that inmates strategic program investments so every student has the opportunity to succeed.

To learn more about the SAEF Teacher Grants Program, contact SAEF Development Office at 610-938-6034 or


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