Springfield's Scenic Hills Elementary Jumps for Joy
Springfield's Scenic Hills Elementary Jumps for Joy

The Springfield Area Educational Foundation (SAEF) Teacher Grant Program is an opportunity to do well while feeling good!

This year's, SAEF Teacher Grant program, funded partially by Wawa Foundation, fueled Scenic Hill's recent American Heart Association Kids Heart Challenge Program.

The program's mission, created and managed by Scenic Hills teacher John Patella, is to develop youth skills for leading a heart-healthy life at an early age – all while participating in fun program activities such as jump rope, trampoline jumping, and nutritional eating skills.

Mr. Patella has reached out to approximately 650 students with this meaningful learning experience at the Scenic Hills gymnasium and activity center.   Scenic Hills has now worked with the America Heart Association for 15 years and has raised over $185,000.

Many thanks to him, Wawa Foundation and SAEF for your dedication to kids' healthy hearts and lives.

Photo above: John Patella (l.) thanks Steve Todaro (SHS '78; President of SAEF) for SAEF's teacher grant assistance.