2018 Hall of Fame Arts & Achievers Inducted
2018 Hall of Fame Arts & Achievers Inducted

Pictured: Contributing Members of the renown and unprecedented American Studies Program course elective for SHS juniors.

SAEF and SSD celebrated the recent induction of the 2018 Hall of Fame Arts and Achievers awardees.  SAEF established the honor to recognize outstanding graduates and supporters of the Springfield School District who have distinguished themselves in various fields of endeavor, and serve as an inspiration for all Springfield School District students.

The following inductees were recognized this year:

Arts Hall of Fame

Leslie Northwood Block (SHS '76)

Thelma Richards Dailey (SHS Choral Teacher '56-'64)

Donna Wurzer Grantham (SHS '77)

Brian Gibson (SHS '75)

David Harrison (SHS '75)

Steve Kolb (SHS '81)

Rich Mento (SHS '91)

Valerie Townsend Moth (SHS '82)

Carol Crissey Nigrelli (SHS '69)

Achievers Hall of Fame

Edwin (Ted) Abel, Ph.D. (SHS '81)

Donald A. Cadge (SHS '69)

Faith Glazier (SHS '83)

American Studies Program (1964-2000)