Awards and Scholarships


Each year, SAEF honors former students, alumni, teachers, advisors, and associated individual who have achieved excellence in their career fields such as arts, athletics law medicine, entrepreneurship, education, public service or related fields that merit special recognition.

A Proud Tradition of Awards and Scholarships.

Springfield values excellence in its students and demonstrates this each year in the awarding of awards and scholarships during the Honors Reception and Commencement totaling almost $115,000. These awards and scholarships are made possible through the caring generosity of families that have been touched by the Springfield Schools in some way.

SAEF is committed to sustaining this proud tradition in perpetuity by strengthening the district's overall endowment. SAEF can only do so through the support of its board and by the generous donations of individuals and families who wish to "give back" to the district or honor the memory of a departed loved one.

If you or your family has an interest in supporting existing scholarships and awards, or establishing a new scholarship or award please fill out the Scholarship Request Form linked below.

Scholarship Request Form

Awarded annually at the SHS Commencement Ceremony, Senior Award Ceremony AND honors reception
Peter Dobbs Saller Memorial Awards - $40,000
Etha W. & Max Michelson Scholarship - $25,000
Florence D. Scioscia Memorial Scholarship – $15,000
Springfield Ambulance Corps William Myers - $10,000
Denise Padley Art Award - $5,000
James W. Braunsdorf Memorial - SAEF Scholarship – $5,000
John Zappacosta Memorial Award - $5,000
Keith E. Janusziewicz Memorial Award - $4,000
George A. Pagano Memorial Scholarship – $2,000
Henry "Ace" Bell Baseball Scholarship - $2,000
Johnson Family Scholarship - $2,000
"Know Thyself" Karl R. Schaefer Memorial Award - $2,000
Lewenshon Family Award - $2,000
Garden Club of Springfield Award- $1,500 - 2 awards, $750 each
District Administration Office - $1,000
Mr. Glen Brunner Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 
Joseph Weiss Memorial Award - $1,000
The Dr. Robert N. Grove Living Scholarship Fund - $1,000
Helen Beldecos Admin Tech Memorial Award - $750
Barbara Parrish-Green Award - $500
Bill Brown Scholarship - $500
Greg Campbell Memorial Award - $500
Harry LeFever Awards - $500
J. Gary Sulzer Memorial Award - $500
Regina O'Brien Memorial Scholarship - $500
SESPA Award - $500
(Springfield Educational Support Professionals Association)
Albert Desiderio Memorial Award - $250
Brusch Athletic Award - $250
Diane Ferrell Catlett Memorial Award - $250
Stephen P. Stefani Memorial Award - $250